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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in the first session?

During our first session you will be invited to talk about your situation and need, and how I can be of help. We will then make a mutual decision about whether to work together and discuss frequency of future sessions. 

Can you describe your counseling approach?

You and I will need to develop a "working" relationship, one that will be gentle and supportive but challenging, as well. I will seek to understand you and to personally know you well. We may examine how you relate to yourself internally and to others externally. 

In therapy you may choose to work on your present day relationships and experiences in life. You may also want to better understand how your past relates to your present so that you can break free from unhealthy patterns of living. It may be your hope to improve the quality of a relationship or to heal from a past destructive or abusive one. 

Together, we may consider how you want to be different or what you want to change. We can set goals that you want to achieve and structure our sessions to move at a pace that is healthy for you. Some choose to set short-term goals which can be achieved in a few sessions, while others prefer long term in-depth work designed to break unhealthy patterns of living and to establish new and better ones.

Will I get better by just talking?

Some people feel better by being able to talk to someone outside the family who is neutral and will really listen, knowing that what they say is safe and confidential. A willingness to reflect, question, and challenge one's own beliefs can promote significant growth and change. Exploring one's feelings and taking appropriate risks to try new behaviors can also promote growth. This is the core of your job as a client. A therapist's job is to provide you with a respectful, reliable and safe space within which you can do this work.

Are our conversations confidential?

I strictly adhere to all legal and ethical guidelines concerning client - counselor confidentiality. I am committed to safeguarding your trust and to ensuring that all calls, emails, and counseling sessions are treated with the utmost sensitivity and privacy. I am legally bound to report issues of elder or child abuse/neglect, and threats involving intention to harm self or others. 

What about fees?

Fees for counseling services can be discussed prior to scheduling an initial appointment. While I do not participate with any health insurance providers, "out of network" mental health benefits may be available, depending upon the provisions of your insurance plan. Please check with your insurance carrier prior to scheduling an appointment to determine if your seeing a Licensed Professional Counselor is eligible for insurance reimbursement. Payment for services are expected at the completion of each session. Receipts will be issued at the time of payment. A fee may be assessed for sessions cancelled without 24-hour notice and for missed appointments. 

Where are you located?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am meeting with clients virtually ​until it is safe to return to an office.

How do I contact you?

You can contact me by e-mail ( or telephone (908-249-3159). I will try to return your email or call promptly, generally within 24-hours. If we speak by phone I will seek to gain a brief understanding of your need so as to assess whether I am the best resource for you. If we both agree to proceed we will arrange a first appointment.

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